Hey there! Please allow me to introduce myself: I’m Gaybriel, singer and songwriter from a European country called Romania.


Some things that I love: I love the trees in bloom, I love felines, I love champagne, I love to surround myself with cheerful people and eclectic personalities…


Some things that I hate: I hate waking up early, I hate my love handles, I hate phoniness, I hate funerals…


I’ve come to realise the lyrics that I write for my music sound best on bold rhythms which I tried to encapsulate in my first dance track, “Compulsive Liar”, a tongue-in-cheek song about a two-timing lover. 


I tend to always see the glass half full in every situation, therefore the entire story of this track is carried out in good spirits; I hope my music brings people together and helps them recharge their batteries with a lot of high energy and party vibes.

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