My Song "Reiki"

July 6, 2017

First of all, Reiki is not the name of some random guy that I met in a club. It's the name given to a blissful, healing energy. A Light Worker can harmonise your energy centres with this high vibration energy and 

you will feel it running through your body and subtly healing all your sorrow. A few years ago I became a Light Worker myself, I was attuned to Reiki and I decided to write a song about it. I went in the studio and I sang my lyrics to my collaborator Mihai Onilă, a Light Worker himself. He loved my lyrics and he loved the melody and together we started to work on the song, to make it sound pure and beautiful like this blissful energy.

I kept hearing in my mind the word "REIKI" repeated 3 times by a feminine voice. When I told this to Mihai he immediately said that he knows the perfect person for this and he told me to come the following day to the music studio to meet that person. To my surprise the following day Mihai showed me a recording with the voice of his daughter, Ioana Emily Hope singing "Reiki, Reiki, Reiki", and it moved me to tears. He had managed to capture what I wanted to transmit: finding my inner child, rediscovering my innocence, a childish feeling of freedom. The candour of Ioana's voice embodied the message I wanted to transmit.


And I say embodied, because, sadly, Ioana Emily Hope is no longer on this planet. A very rare form of cancer took her back to the angels, to the Light, a few months ago. At first I didn't want to make this song public but then I decided to publish it, to show it to the whole world, in memory of Ioana.



She was a very talented child. The cover art for the single is a drawing made by Ioana herself; this is how se saw me: a childish guy, winking😉. She made this drawing the day when she left with her family to live in Belgium, about 3 years ago.


You might ask yourselves why the lyric video has a lava lamp in it and what is the link between the lava lamp and "Reiki". Well, the creator of the lava lamp called it "Astro Baby", it's an "Astro Baby" lava lamp and that is exactly what Ioana was, an "Astro Baby", an angel who came from another Universe and who couldn't resist for too long on this Planet. I wanted to light a candle in the memory of Ioana and I wanted the whole lyric video for my song "Reiki" to be a burning candle, then I thought... NO ... this is too lugubrious... and knowing what I know thanks to Reiki, knowing that the spirit continues to exist under another form even when the physical body dies, I decided to film my "Astro Baby" lamp, because I always feel calm and relaxed watching it, I always turn it on when I do a Reiki therapy session and because it reminds me of Ioana Emily Hope. 


So, there you have it... all the explanations🌈 Till next time, Love And Light🌈







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July 6, 2017

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