Gaybriel - "Tired To Pretend" - Song On Major Digital Stores

July 12, 2017


My new single "Tired To Pretend" is in most major digital stores






“Tired To Pretend” is a ballad in which I talk about bisexuality, I talk about being the secret lover of a married man, a man married to a woman. The song is not 100% autobiographical, but I know very well how it feels to have to hide your feelings in public, to not be able to hold hands with the man that you love or to kiss him in a park or at a restaurant. It’s a double life I said goodbye to a long time ago.

I’m an effeminate gay man, I would say I’m a little non-binary and I could never pass as straight, and I don’t want to be “straight acting”; I don’t want to pretend I’m someone I’m not. We live in a world where gay men try so much to integrate, to confirm to masculine ideals, that they end up completely blocking their feminine side (I don’t need to remind you how many times you see on dating apps the words “no fems”). Well I’m not like all the rest, I’m not afraid of being feminine and perceived as “weak”, I am a very sensitive and creative person, I write my own lyrics, I write my music and I sing it… And I hope I manage to transmit feelings through my music and to provoke people to think more, to ask themselves questions... questions like: is it right or wrong to have a gay secret lover or is it right or wrong to be in love with a married man? From my personal experience only the truth, no matter how “ugly” it is, only the truth shall set you free and it takes a lot of courage to tell the truth… After all, love can't be a source of fear!



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